The Lion in Winter

Robert Moss’s staging makes good use of Brett J. Banakis’ massive castle setting, which completely fills the stage with heavy stonework and period tapestries. David Murin’s costumes are appropriately period. Solomon Weisbard has created several stunning lighting effects.
— Mark G. Auerbach, Westfield News

Written by James Goldman
Directed by Bob Moss
At Berkshire Theatre Group Mainstage 
Summer 2013

All of the action takes place on a highly functional set designed by Brett J. Banakis.... His domed palace room with a ceiling that raises and lowers is marvelous. With the use of various tapestries, kegs and clever lighting (by Solomon Weisbard) it transforms itself from a royal bedroom to the throne room to a wine cellar as needed.
— Larry Murray, Broadway World

Set by Brett J. Banakis
Costumes by David Murin
Sound by Scott Killian
Lighting by Solomon Weisbard
Assistant Lighting Designer / Photos by Alex Fetchko

But what malicious/delicious fun it is watching them scheme and connive and betray one another in this sterling production of James Goldman’s play, directed by Robert Moss.
— Don Aucoin, Boston Globe

Starring Jayne Atkinson and Treat Williams