Burns... has put together a spectacular design team: Brian Sidney Bembridge, the scenic designer, created a black stone circular stage where smoking witches’ cauldrons open suddenly. James Sugg’s thrilling sound design—music, thunder, drumming—adds greatly to the show’s atmosphere, and Solomon Weibard’s lighting design is dazzling, especially the huge shadows.
— The Philadelphia Enquirer

by William Shakespeare
Arden Theatre Company 2015

My fellow critics have noted the superior quality of the light and sound designs, but no one has discussed just how pivotal these elements are to Arden’s production. Lighting designer Solomon Weisbard has lit the production largely from the sides of the stage, heightening the severity of everything we see... The shadows of the actors are thrown around the stage, and the combination of the stark, interrogative brightness with the surrounding darkness lends a spooky, haunting quality...
Burns brings an MTV-era cinematic mise en scene to his stagings which finds full realization with the Arden’s production team. Brian Sidney Bembridge’s dramatic industrial-stone age set (think Terry Gilliam Stonehenge) is darkly sparse yet multifaceted; Solomon Weisbard’s lighting is precise and atmospheric; accompanying sound (design by James Sugg) adds to the foreboding tension without overpowering the dialog.
This is drama that leaps off the page under the direction of Alexander Burns with the help of an exceptional design team... thanks to the brilliant work of Sound Designer James Sugg, Lighting Designer Solomon Weisbard and Scenic Designer Brian Sidney Bembridge. The total effect is spectacular.

Directed by Alexander Burns
Scenic design: Brian Sidney Bembridge
Costume design: Rosemarie E. McKelvey
Sound design: James Sugg
Lighting design: Solomon Weisbard

photos by Mark Garvin and Brian Sidney Bembridge