Il Trovatore

Verdi Festival, Parma, October 2018
Performed at the Teatro Farnese (1618)
Teatro Comunale di Bologna, January 2019

Music: Giuseppe Verdi
Works in four acts on libretto by salvadore camarano
French translation of émilien pacini

Master conducted and director Roberto Abbado
Design, directed, lighting by Robert Wilson
Co-Director Nicola Panzer
Co Set Design: Stephanie Engeln
Co Lighting Design: Solomon Weisbard
Costumes: Julia Von Leliwa
Make-up design: Manu Halligan
Assistant To Director: Giovanni Firpo
Video design: tomek jeziorski
Dramaturg: José Enrique Macián
Master of the choir: andrea faidutti
Orchestra and choir of the teatro comunale of bologna

photos Lucie Jansch